Like the TWIN-ADJUST-PROJEKT-SENSITIV with the red dampers, a fully height-adjustable ( -40mm to -70mm ) VW T5 T6 T6.1 coilover suspension with extra sensitive response and a very comfortable ride with the base setting. And the Eibach springs (developed + made by Eibach Germany exclusively for us) with the best possible durability and a perfect setup which helps to reduce the body roll but without minimizing the comfort of the ultra-sensitive response! Rear axle dampers with pre mechanical rebound adjustment +the basic comfort set-up can also be adjusted individually in the disassembled state.
But with the following extra benefits in the +plus version:
+plus at the front struts an externally rebound-damping adjustment , quickly and easily adjusted by placing a KONI knob on the adjuster tab that sticks out of the top mounting threading. As shown on the knob, turn counter clockwise for firmer, clockwise for softer
+plus KONI´s stronger internals incl. a stronger and different gas filling for permanent perfect handling of the heavy vans
+plusTeflon-coated pistonrods and Teflon-coated pistonrodbearings for again enhanced sensitive response

5 years years Eibach material warranty on springs according to warranty *

Part no. for T30 T5 T6 .: TMP-TA-SENS-PLUS-T6.1
Part no. for T32 T5 T6 .: TMP-TA-T32-SENS-PLUS

1849,- € RRP excl. VAT

Part no. for T30 T6.1 .: TMP-TA-SENS-PLUS-T6.11
Part no. for T32 T6.1 .: TMP-TA-T32-SENS-PLUS-T6.1

1899,- € RRP excl. VAT

Umbau bei motorvation Bielefeld mit TWIN-ADJUST-PROJEKT-SENSITIV+plus und 20.2 ":


Eibach springs with maximum durability, longterm- stability and fracture strength for our heavy T5 T6 T6.1
* Garantiebestimmungen

Freiwillige 5 Jahre Material-Garantie auf Eibach Federn
Twin-Monotube-Projekt gewährt bei Federnbruch innerhalb von 5 Jahren kostenlosen Austausch gegen neue Eibach Federn. Garantiegeber ist die Twin-Monotube-Projekt GmbH, Im Seefeld 17, 76846 Hauenstein.
Voraussetzungen sind, dass das Fahrwerk nachweislich bei einem, bei uns gelisteten Einbaupartner eingebaut wurde und auch dort der Austausch abgewickelt wird. Nur gültig bei Erstmontage und nur in Verbindung mit den laut Teile-Gutachten mitgelieferten, nicht manipulierten Original Twin-Monotube-Projekt Stossdämpfern, Höhenverstellungen und Anbauteilen und Einhaltung der im Teilegutachten genannten Einstellwerte. Belegbar mit Kopie der Einbaurechnung.
Folgekosten und Folgeschäden sind von der 5 Jahres Material-Garantie ausgeschlossen und werden von dieser Garantie nicht abgedeckt. Des Weiteren verliert die Garantie bei äußerer Gewalt, Unfall -und sonstige Gewaltschäden und grob fahrlässigem Vorgehen ihre Gültigkeit.
Räumlicher Geltungsbereich dieser freiwilligen Garantie: Bundesrepublik Deutschland.
Die gesetzlichen Mängelrechte des Verbrauchers nach den §§ 437 ff. BGB werden durch die freiwillige Materialgarantie nicht eingeschränkt.

Evolution instead of Revolution

Based at our unique experience with tens of thousands VW T5 / T6 Bilstein B14 which were developed for our company in 2011 plus the Bilstein B6 KOMFORT dampers ( Bilstein green) , our electronic adjustable, active TWIN-MONOTUBE-PROJEKT DCC plug&play coiloverkits and dampers , we have now developed this pre mechanical rebound adjustable TWIN-ADJUST-PROJEKT SENSITIV coiloverkit. Because we had some extremely "sensitive" customers who asked for even more comfort as the B14 coilover kit but without missing the advantages of a sporty and improved rideperformance which the B14 also offers. So we developed in countless processings / testrides together with Rally suspension experts and Eibach Eibach engineers for our electronic adjustable DCC plug+play Twin-Monotube-Projekt coiloverkit a unique comfort setup which is without equal. This comfort setup is used as the base setup in this new TWIN-ADJUST-PROJEKT SENSITIV coiloverkit.

A sporty ride with again more comfort and a more sensitive response and again a further reduction of body roll and pitch of our heavy VW T´s. A big part of this "achievement of the impossible " was done by the engineers of the renowned spring specialist Eibach Germany (spring supplier of nearly all formula 1 teams !) who offers besides the abovementioned superb setup , the just as important facts like durability, longterm- stability and fracture strength which we substantiate with a 5 year warranty ath the Eibach springs according to warranty *

Furthermore offers this TWIN-ADJUST-PROJEKT SENSITIV coiloverkit which has as the base setup the abovementioned comfort-setup an longtime-approved rebound adjustment at every single damper in deinstalled condition which offers the possibility of an individual pre adjustment or correction of the preferred setup.
The renowned damper specialist KONI is manufacturing our dampers for this kit in exactly our setup and our dimensions incl. an extended travel of 30mm at the front strut and the approved dirt-resistant rebound adjustment.

In Zusammenarbeit mit:

Eibach Federn Made in Germany K&S Suspension
Koni Bilstein